Showing Up


Welcome to Steps of Intent! I am truly glad you are here. Steps of Intent is a haven for intentional living with a focus on personal growth, living our truth, and bearing witness to the beauty around us. From introspection, to our interpersonal relationships, to parenting, to being community members and creative citizens of this planet, we can choose to move in a free-fall of continuing momentum, or we can choose to take charge and intentionally live out our truth. This blog is about all those tiny baby steps we take in order to wholeheartedly live the lives we are craving.

For me, living with intention means slowing down. It means taking the time to quietly reflect on my roles and actions as a wife, mother, friend, community member, professional, artist, and steward of the planet. It means that I strive to surround myself with purposeful, intentionally chosen input, curating the books I read, the shows I watch, the podcasts I listen to, the blogs I follow, the friends I keep, and the relationships I cultivate each as meaningful pieces that contribute to and feed who I am as a whole person. Living with intention means I strive to find peace by making space and take my time each day.

Intention in action is not always easy. Sometimes choosing intentionality means we chose to ask hard questions, and sometimes we have to peer into that muddy and dark corner of our inner lives where we would rather not look to discover meaning and truth. Sometimes it means we have to chose to close doors to ideas, inputs, or habits that do not align with our true self or our personal mission. Sometimes it means we have to chose to do things “the hard way” because it is what is authentically right for ourselves. This is why Steps of Intent is here: to share my journey and walk along side your journey, to bear witness to the beauty of each diverging path, and to support those whose path is unclear or filled with potholes.

Sometimes living with intention just means you SHOW UP! Showing up is what I am doing right now. I’m not perfect, I don’t have all the answers, and I am not done finding my path, but I am showing up. I am writing, I am reflecting, I am introspecting, and I am sharing. I am showing up to today for myself, for my family, for my community, and for my planet. I am showing up and I am doing what I can do right now. I encourage you to do the same. Simply show up, its the first step to living with intention, and it is enough. You are enough. I am enough.

I hope that through this community you will be inspired, refreshed, lifted up, challenged, and ultimately supported along your path to living your truth.

So now I invite you to Step with me. Join me as I reflect on how we can live more intentional, fulfilling, wholehearted lives. Read, share, contribute, and grow with me on this journey of intention. Welcome, friend.

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