Composting for EVERYONE in 3 Simple Steps

Since I spoke with Osheta Moore about composting on the Shalom in the City podcast, I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from both readers & people in my real life about how they are intimidated by many environmental practices, especially composting. So today, I want to provide you with a QUICK and EASY guide to starting your own compost. Pick a spot This can be anywhere you’d like on your property (if you live in […]

Hear Me Roar!

My wonderful, gracious readers, I have not been writing as much as I had hoped as of late. Life has gotten in the way and I chose to prioritize my free time caring for myself and doing all the paperwork and house work that goes along with selling and buying a new house in Indianapolis! I have not forgotten about the blog and there is more content coming really soon! While you wait, if you […]